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Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Chicagoland and Fox Valley


Hybrid Heating Systems in Elgin, IL from Lifeline Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

If you’re in the market for a new hybrid heating system for your home, then you may be interested in a heating solution that can give you both excellent performance and high energy efficiency. We offer a range of hybrid heating services, including installation and replacement, as well as repair and maintenance. A hybrid heating system is a great way to improve the comfort and convenience of your home during the winter months. 

At Lifeline Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we strive for excellence with every job that we complete, whether it’s a new system installation from scratch or visiting your home once a year to inspect and clean your heating system. A hybrid heating system makes a great choice for homes looking for a versatile HVAC option. 

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What Is Hybrid Heating?

As its name suggests, a hybrid heating system brings two different systems together: a heat pump and a gas furnace. Both systems have a reputation for bringing excellent comfort into homes and a hybrid heating system takes the best of both worlds and combines them. A heat pump is a highly efficient system that can handle a variety of temperatures, but it may begin to falter during very low temperatures at the coldest time of the year.

When this occurs, the gas furnace kicks in and takes over. The ability to oscillate between two different systems ensures that you are always using the most efficient means of keeping your home comfortable.

Hybrid Heating Installation and Replacement

When it comes to the installation or replacement of a hybrid heating system, you need to make sure that it is taken care of by a professional hybrid heating installation technician. There’s no other way to be confident in the future performance and efficiency of your heater. Our hybrid heating technicians will make sure that you have equipment that not only satisfies the heating requirements of your home, but also meets your budgetary needs.

Hybrid Heating Repair and Maintenance

Over time, your hybrid heating system will develop issues that need to be handled by a professional hybrid heating repair technician. This is simply an inevitable outcome of operating a mechanical system in the long–term. At Lifeline Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we offer excellent hybrid heating repair and maintenance services throughout so that you can get back to enjoying the warmth of your home during the winter months. Let us take care of your every heating need. Call us today.