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Water Testing in Elgin, IL from Lifeline Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

The quality of the water in your home should be of paramount importance. You need to make sure that its potability is never at risk. At Lifeline Plumbing, we offer excellent water testing services. We can tell you exactly what's in your water so that you can take the necessary steps toward fixing the issue, whether it's the installation of a water filtration device, water softener, or comprehensive reverse osmosis system. But the first step in solving your water quality issue is water testing from a fast and experienced plumber.

Our water testing technicians enjoy improving the domestic lives of our customers. We know how important the integrity of your home is, and the quality of the water that you drink and use to clean therein. You need to make sure that any water testing is completed by a professional so that you can depend on the results and make any necessary modifications. We'll give you the information you need to make your home a better place.

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How to Know You Need Water Testing

Whether you have never had your water tested or have not had it tested in a long time, there are various reasons to have it tested now. One of the most prominent reasons is a difference in taste. Your water may taste metallic, sour, or just strange, but if you notice any rapid shift in taste, then you may want to consider finding out what that change is.

Another potential reason to consider water testing is a foul odor. It could be sulphurous like rotten eggs or some other smell, but it warrants your attention. It's not only important to make sure that you have decent drinking water, but also so that the water you use to shower and clean your home is safe and high-quality.

Why Water Testing Is Necessary

Our professional water testing service is the first step towards restoring the potability of your drinking water. Without it, you simply cannot move forward with the installation of a comprehensive water treatment system. We offer a wide range of systems, such as reverse osmosis, water filtration, and water softeners, but in order to get the most from your water treatment device, it needs to target a certain contaminant.

For example, a water softener is useful for removing the "hardness" of water, but it won't have much effect on microorganisms. Likewise, a water filtration device will effectively remove certain particles, but may not be as effective against bacteria. We can figure out exactly what's wrong with your water supply and recommend a solution.

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